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Baseline out of bounds 91 by : Michael Haynes
1-4 high motion 2 by : Shane Hanson
Baseline out of bounds 90 by : Jerry Nicholson-Winnetka Bullets
Swing motion by : Kyle Daniw
Sideline out of bounds 45 by : Michael Haynes
Red 1 by : Troy Culley
Baseline out of bounds 89 by : Tom Cole
Sideline out of bounds 44 by : David Munns
Primary lanes by : Coy Hall
Baseline out of bounds 88 by : Martins Zibarts
Sideline out of bounds 43 by : Daniel Brown
Baseline out of bounds 87 by : Tom Cole
Catawba by : Dennis Brittain
Kansas by : Joe Thomas
Cutters With Dive by : Randy Narciso

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