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Offense 1-4
Playname: Triangle from 1-4
1 - 4 set across the foulline extended.

Basically a 3 player offense working one side of floor - this scenario shows a triangle for players 1 2 & 5.

1 (line up with high post '5') passes to 2.

4 & 3 clear for spacing.
5 back screens for 1 who goes to basket.
If no quick score then 1 has post up option.

5 flares outside 3pt area - ready to receive pass back from 2.
2 can feed 1 on the post if a scoring option.

No scoring option, 2 passes to 5.
1 back screens for 2.

2 goes to basket.

1 flares outside 3pt line.

5 makes passing decision.
No scoring pass on for 2 then 5 will pass to 1.
2 back screens for 5 going to basket.

This time 1 has ball in hand for decision making with shot clock running down.
Finally 5 can set an on ball screen with 1 for a pick and roll.
Submitted by: Andrew Solewicz
Category: Offense 1-4
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