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Playname: Belgium - inside shooting
Belgium - Inside Shooting Drill

• A line of players outside the baseline with basketballs a line of players at the top one on each wing and a line in the middle.

• The players on the baseline pass to the perimeter players enter the court and post up, using different moves each time (turn around jump shot, shot fake and crossover etc)
Different Passing Options:

a.) Perimeter player can pass the ball right back to the inside player, who will score in the lane.

b.) The low post player, after receiving the first pass, passes outside to the perimeter again for the 3pt shot.

c.) After receiving the pass back outside, pass the ball to a shooter on the opposite side (a pass from 1 to 3).

- Players rotate to their right
Drill submitted by: Matthew Dunstan
Sub categories: Shooting, Passing

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