Animated basketball drills
Boxing out
Playname: X-out blockouts
X-Out Blockouts

The group is divided into offense and defense. The drill starts with the coach making a pass to the opposite side of the court.

Defensive players rotate diagonally. After catching the ball, the coach shoots the ball and the defensive players must block out their new opponent and secure the ball.

If the defense get the rebound they make an outlet pass to the coach. If the offense get the ball they then play 4 on 4 in the half court.
• Communication while rotating.
• Down in a stance, with hands up ready to grab the rebound.
• Defenders must make contact with the offensive players when blocking out.

• Variation:
• May turn the drill the into full court transition to the other end of the court.
• Coach may call "rotate" instead of passing the ball and then shoot the ball.
Drill submitted by: Matthew Dunstan
Sub category: Rebounding

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