Animated basketball drills
Playname: 2-man coast-to-coast
Minimum players: 8.

The court is divided in to 4 zones - extended free throw line, mid court, and the other extended line.

In each zone there are 2 defenders.

P1 and P2's goal is to take the ball to the opposite basket, by getting through the four zones.

Defenders are only allowed to play defense within their own zone.
When the two offensive players have scored, the ball is rolled back to opposite base line.
Defenders 1 plays offense.

Defenders 2 takes defenders 1's zone, as well as defenders 3 take the next area and so on.
P1 and P2 defends zone 4.

If ball is lost before making it to the basket, its the same procedure as when basket is made:
The ball is rolled back, D1's become offense and the rest of the defenders follow. P1 and P2 still defends zone 4.

No dribble.
Drill submitted by: Patrik Johansen
Sub categories: Defense, Offense

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