Animated basketball drills
Playname: Oval layups-- full court
1.Each person must have a ball.

2. Start with 2 lines at the baseline, with the same amount of people.

3. This is a constant movement Lay-up drill.
4. This drill is used for 5 minutes doing right-handed lay-ups.

5. After allotted time switch to left handed lay-ups. And reverse direction.

6. While doing right-handed lay-ups dribble with right hand only. Then with left hand on left handed lay-ups.

7. Please remind your players to dribble the ball in front of them. Keep dribble at waist height. As they get tired--this will become more difficult for them.

8. Add moves to the drill, reverse, cross over etc.
Drill submitted by: Marty Lasky
Sub categories: Layups, Dribbling, Warming up

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