Animated basketball drills
Playname: Russian lay-ups
Russian Layups
• Can be run with as few as 5 players

• Ball starts in locations at indicated

• One player starts the drill by dribbling and then passing to player on foul line on far end.

• Opposite shooter breaks for a layup on the far end at about the same time.
• Ball at the free throw lines

• Ball is passed to shooters
• Passer rebound and pass to outlet players.

• Shooter moves to the free throw line.
• Shooters move toward the center line and pass to the free throw line.

• Passer moves to the outlet spot or line.

• Old Shooter moves to the passing line at the free throw line.
• Shooters move to layup position passing on the right.

• Passer pass to shooters for layup and drill continues.

• May use this drill for power moves, jump shots, 3 point shots, etc....
Drill submitted by: Dan Sebastian
Sub categories: Layups, Warming up, Passing

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