Animated basketball drills
Playname: Back cut drill
Weak side exchange back cut drill.

A fast paced back cut drill designed to get a lot of shots up at the basket using weak side exchange with a strong emphasis on teamwork.

One player is in the point guard position.
Two or more players with a basketball each are on the left wing.
Two or more players are on the right wing. Each player has a basketball accept for the front player.

Player (1) exchanges positions with Player (2)
Player (4) passes the ball to the point guard position (now player 2).

Player (1) back cuts, receives the pass from Player (2) and makes a layup.
Player (1) rebounds his shot and continues to the opposite wing with the basketball.

The drill repeats with players (2) and (4) exchanging positions with the right wing skip passing the ball to the point guard position.

And so on.
Drill submitted by: Wayne Norton
Sub categories: Layups, Offense, Offense motion

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