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Playname: Chill drill
If your players can master this drill -- they will be unstoppable.

As you begin this drill, keep in mind that Rome wasn't built in a day -- start slowly and increase your speed with practice. Once the players can perform this drill consistently at top speed, with both hands, nobody will be able to take the ball away from them.
1. Player executes an inside-out move. To do this, he dribbles twice on the line directly in front of him. On the third dribble, he takes the ball across his body and bounces it to the left of the line in front of his left foot. Then he explodes past an imaginary defender by pushing off his left foot and pushing the ball in front of him back on the line, trying to cover as much ground as possible. Player must keep his knees bent and keep his body on the line, moving only the ball. He should end at position (1). Note that the ball remains in player's right hand during this step.

2. Player repeats above step.
3. Player comes to a quick jump stop where the sideline and half court line intersect (3). He executes a reverse or spin dribble, keeping his left foot on the ground and making sure to reach (hook) with his right leg in order to beat the defender. Player pulls the ball as he gets the imaginary defender on his back, and then switches the ball to his left hand and dribbles quickly to the next position.
4. At position (4), player should pull the ball back beside his left knee as he executes two low, quick retreat dribbles until he reaches position (5). This retreat step helps create space against a trap or double team.
5. At position (5), player executes a quick, low crossover dribble, switching the ball to his right hand.
6. Player takes two dribbles and comes to a quick jump stop at (6). He executes a half-a-spin move, which is the counter move to the reverse or spin dribble. He does this by pivoting 180 degrees on his left foot and pulling the ball until it is directly in front of his right foot. Then he bounces the ball with force in front of his right foot when his back is to the defender. Next he explodes out by pivoting on his left foot.
7. Player plants his right foot where the sideline and half court line intersect (7) and executes a behind-the-back dribble from his right hand to his left hand, trying to cover as much ground as possible by pushing off his right foot toward the next position.
8. Player then executes a stutter-step to freeze the defender and makes a quick, low crossover, (or between the legs), switching the ball from his left hand to his right hand. Player then makes on hard dribble to the basket for a lay-up with his right hand.

Points of Emphasis:
1. As the player pulls the ball in step 3, he must be careful not to palm it. He should keep his hand on top of the ball.
2. Every move is made with the intention of beating and going by the defender.
3. The drill should also be performed beginning on the left side of the court, starting with the ball in the left hand, so that moves can be perfected with either hand.
Drill submitted by: Fee Family
Sub categories: Warming up, Fundamentals

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