Animated basketball drills
Playname: Dribble with 2 balls & Finish
1 dribbles with 2 hands and 2 balls around the pylons.

At the last pylon outside the 3-point area one handed push pass of a ball to 2.

1 makes a speed dribble to the pylon at the free throw line and pulls up for a jump shot, make sure that with the last dribble the ball will end in your shooting hand.

After finishing the jump shot, 1 cuts to the basket and receives the other ball from 1 for a lay-up.
3 rebounds the jump shot and dribbles towards the corner.

1  makes the lay-up, and takes the position of 2.

2 rebounds and passes the ball to 3, 2 takes the position of 3.

3 dribbles with 2 hands and 2 balls to the other side of the court where the same drill is run.
Drill submitted by: Grega Sajevic
Sub categories: Ball handling, Fundamentals, Shooting

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