Animated basketball drills
Playname: Line dribbling
1.  Players dribble hard with R hand to FT line and FT extended.
2. At FT line and FT extended they will simulate "inviting" a trap by dribbling back a few paces and holding dribble until cued to move on.

Emphasize keeping head up and looking to attack.
3. On cue players will crossover and dribble to half court line with L hand.

Emphasize good foot and hand work on executing the crossover dribble.

4.  You can utilize groups in this drill when you have a large number of players.  Groups move as the group ahead moves. I.E. when group one leaves the FT line and dribbles to the half, group two can be leaving the baseline dribbling to the FT line all on the same cues.
5.  Drill keeps going from FT to Half to FT to Baseline and back for designated time or reps.

-this drill is very adaptable from novice to experienced players.
-"D" players can be added to bring more realism.
-Actual traps can come with players having to react.
-Differing intervals can be established by using chairs or cones.
-The only limitations on this drill is your imagination
Drill submitted by: Amy Burton
Sub categories: fundamentals, warming up, ball handling

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