Animated basketball drills
Fast break
Playname: Two on one continuous
Improves passing and decision making.  Also makes a good pre-game warm-up drill.
Split-up into two teams as in the diagram.  Circles going one way against one Triangle, Triangles going the other way, against one Circle.  Use two balls each end.  

Player with the ball (dribbler) dribbles hard at the basket to make the defense commit.   The player without the ball (cutter) stays one step behind the dribbler.   If the defensive player doesn't commit to stopping the drive, the dribbler lays it up.  If the defensive player commits toward the dribbler, the dribbler passes across to the cutter.  The cutter should try to stay one-step behind the dribbler to keep a free passing lane open.  Once the defense commits, the dribbler can drop a soft one-hand bounce pass into the path of the cutter for the lay-up.
Once the shot is taken, the next two start.  Make them go as fast as possible putting pressure on the defense to defend quickly and make decisions.  The defense should only have time to bat the made or missed lay-up out to the side before the next two are upon him.  The offence retrieves and passes the ball back to the next person in line.

Change defenders after 5 or 6 shots.  To start with, only let the defense either commit to the dribbler or stay back on the cutter.  After the offence gets better at decision making, let the defense fake at the dribbler.

Go for 5 minutes.  Keep track of how many baskets each team has made. Loser runs a penalty.

Make the offense pass back and forth to each other.
Drill submitted by: Curtis Perry
Sub categories: Offense, Defense, Layups

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