Animated basketball drills
Free throws
Playname: Throw and rebound
4 or more player and 2 balls.

This drill starts with the players behind the free throw line.

Player 1 takes his/her shot.
He/she is only allowed to rebound after the ball has touched the rim.

In this case player 1 misses and goes for the ball.
Player 1 takes the rebound and takes another shot.

At about the same time player 2 takes a free throw.

If the ball of player 2 goes through the net before player 1 scores player 1 is out and has to sit out the rest of the drill.
In this case player 1 misses again and player 2 scores. Player 1 is out.

Player 2 rebounds the ball and after giving a pass to 3 or 4. He/she goes behind the group waiting to take another free throw.
Player 1 finishes by making a basket and passing the ball to player 4 after taking the rebound.
Player 3 takes a free throw.
As long as a player makes the free throws the drill continues for this player.

After a miss he/she has to work hard to get a rebound and try to score before the next player hits his/hers free throw or shot, otherwise this player has to sit out the rest of the drill.

This drill tries to simulate a bit of pressure during a free throw.

It can also be played from any other position.
Drill submitted by: Jes-Soft
Sub category: Shooting

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