Animated basketball drills
Playname: Forward leads - leads drill 1
Players line up as in the diagram, all balls at the baseline lines.  

Each player does a series of 5 forward leads:
1) V-Cut Slash-and-Seal
2) V-Cut 10-Fingers-Under-the-Basket
3) Triangle Cut
4) Triangle into Flare Cut from the elbow
5) Back Cut

Cut #1 -  Slash-and-Seal
3 passes the ball to 1 using a baseball pass  (in-bounding practise).
3 moves into the key, pivots on outside foot and bring inside foot and arm over.  Inside arm "slashes" over the top of opponents arm, inside foot steps across to "seal" opponent.
3 then cuts hard to the free-throw line extended for return pass from 1.
3 then catches the ball using his target hand, pivots to square-up to the basket and executes a shot-fake.
Coaching points for 3
Medium speed into the key, full-speed cut to the ball (change-of-direction = change-of-pace)
Give outside hand as target hand.
Catch, Square-Up and Shot-Fake (CSUSF) off the inside foot first.  After the players have mastered pivoting on the inside foot, introduce the outside foot as pivot.

Coaching points for 1
On every pass from 3:
- 1 executes a Replace-Yourself Cut (go away, come back).
- 1 does a CSUSF
On every pass to 3:
- pass with the outside hand (one-hand push pass)
- pass to 3's target hand (away from the defense)
N.B. about inside/outside foot
Inside foot relates to the foot closest to the center/split line (shown as line down the middle of the court) AFTER the post-up slash-and-seal move and AT THE MOMENT THE BALL IS CAUGHT on the perimeter.   On the perimeter, using the inside foot as a pivot foot once you've squared-up to the basket (now the foot closest to the baseline), will enable you to do on-side dribble moves into the middle.

N.B. about shot-fakes
We like to tell our players that a shot-fake is just a shot that is not taken.  Here are three key points for a well executed shot-fake:
1) Bring the ball up to your forehead.
2) Look AT THE BASKET from under the ball.
3) Keep your knees bent.  Only the upper-body moves.  We keep the lower body in a ready position to drive past the defender if he "takes the fake".
Drill submitted by: Curtis Perry
Sub categories: Pivoting, Cutting, Passing

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