Animated basketball drills
Playname: Chasing layups
Parkston Boys Basketball

Players get in 3 lines, one at the 28ft line, one at the FT Line, and one on the Baseline

Coach blows the whistle, and 1 dribbles as fast as he can to get a layup, Def 1 tries to catch him, he has to make a decision whether or not it would be best to try and block the layup or contest and box out 2 who is trailing on the play to get a rebound.
When done, jog back and get in the next line to the middle. (Offense to Defense, Defense to Trailer, Trailer to Offense)

Teaches the kids not to go flying out of bounds by someone, and it tells our kids we want them trailing someone who has a wide open layup.

1) Without other offensive player
2) Player 2 can throw a pass to 1 who is releasing for a layup.
Drill submitted by: Craig Bruening
Sub categories: Transition, Offense, Defense

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