Animated basketball drills
Playname: Irish drill
• At least 5 players
• One ball at basket

This drill was first introduced to me by a coach who discovered it whilst watching the Irish National Squad train, hence the name Irish Drill. This is a good drill for working on lay-ups, but also passing and the fundamentals of passing on the move.
Player 1 shoots the layup, gets the rebound and  passes the ball out to player 2.
Player 1 then cuts away from the basket, toward player 3.

Player 2 passes to the moving player.
Player 1 receives the pass on the move, quickly passing the ball on to player 3, before joining the end of the queue/spot where player 2 started.

After passing into player 1, player 2 should follow the pass and cut toward player 4.
Player 3 passes the ball to a moving player 2, who then passes the ball onto player 4, before joining the back of the queue where player 3 was.

After passing out, player 3 should follow the pass and cut toward player 5.
Player 3 receives pass from player 4 whilst cutting, and passes onto player 5 before joining back of queue where player 4 is.

Player 4 should begin to cut toward the basket.
Player 4 cuts to the basket, player 5 passes in, and player 4 shoots the layup.
After shooting the layup, player 4 should move to back of queue where player 5 was.

As with all the other spots, player 5 should follow the pass. He/she should then take the rebound.
Player 5 should now be under the basket with the ball.  We now have a player in each of the original spots, and we start the sequences again.

Players always follow the pass into the middle.
• Players should curl off after making pass out from middle, to the next spot. NOTE - THIS IS THE ONE AFTER WHERE THEY HAVE JUST BEEN, NOT THE ONE OPPOSITE.
• Make sure you watch how many steps players take whilst holding the ball, make sure they don't travel. Especially at the layup.
• If you have enough players, you can add a second ball. Start it under the hoop again, and it is best to do this when the first ball is between the top two spots.
• Reverse the direction of the ball to use opposite hand layups.
Drill submitted by: Craig Sandison
Sub categories: Warming up, Passing

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