Animated basketball drills
Playname: Owl lay-ups
Split into 2 teams.

Two-balls each end.

O1 does a breakdown move and jump-stops at the elbow.  

O2 times his cut to the basket at the free-throw line extended.  Can put a cone or chair at cutting position (free-throw line extended).

O1 passes to O2 at the second cone.  

O2's outside foot should be on the ground at the cone so that O2 only has to take one step to lay-up.
O1 follows his pass and rebounds.

O2 continues out the other side for the outlet pass by O1.   

O2 passes to the next player in line.  Ball does not hit the ground after the jump-sto

Points of Emphasis:

• Jump-stop
• Cut to the basket off outside foot at first cone
• Catch ball on outside foot at second cone, then one step to lay-up
• Outside hand push pass
• Outlet pass
• Chest pass

2 minutes each side.  Penalties for missing more than 5 shots (must use correct hand/foot for lay-up) total.
Drill submitted by: Curtis Perry
Sub categories: Rebounding, Warming up, Cutting

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