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Playname: 5 lane passing
This is an excellent drill, which emphasizes all aspects of man-2-man defensive coverage, increases the offense's ability to pass and receive the pass under immense pressure, and develops team communication and court spacing.  It is a great tool in teaching offensive players efficiency in getting open.

I find this drill very effective in teaching intensity and internal motivation, resetting without dwelling on the mistake, and working together.
10 players, 1 ball
Choose 5 players to be offense and 5 players to be defense.  Assign each pair to play in one of the 5 lanes as designated on the diagram.  Neither member of this pair is allowed to go outside of their lane.

Offense moves the ball up the court; with every offensive player having to receive a minimum of 2 passes.  The drill is done when one of the offensive members receives a pass while standing on the opposite baseline.
When a defender is playing on the ball they must continuously yell "Ball".  If the ball is one pass away, the defender slips into deny defense and yells "Deny".  Once the ball is two passes away, the defender plays help defense and yells "Help".  They must always actively challenge the ball.

Once an offensive player receives a pass, they must yell out the number of passes they have received.  This will help the offense know when they can complete the drill.
1. No dribbling.  Get your players used to pivoting under pressure.

2. If the defense steals the ball or causes it to go out of bounds, the offense must reset at the baseline.  Insist that your players reset without instruction.

3. A loose ball can only be retrieved by the person in the lane it is in.
Drill submitted by: Denita Dyck
Sub categories: Defense, Offense, Conditioning

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