Animated basketball drills
Playname: Four-corners passing
Concentrate on proper execution for the dribble, pivot and pass drill.

Players form four equal groups in the corners on the half court. Each group has a ball and should follow these steps:

1.This is dribble, pivot and pass drill synchronized with a whistle or oral command by one of the players.

2. Before starting the drill, the coach will call for either a right-foot pivot or a left-foot pivot.
3. On the command to start the drill, the players in the front of each line dribble the middle and stop just outside the free-throw circle. They continue dribbling until the whistle blows or the command to pivot is announced.

4. The players, in unison, pivot and pass a two-handed chest pass the player in the next line. The players follow the pass and rotate to the next line.
5. The player receiving the pass must show a target by opening both palms to the passer.

6. The coach can call "Reverse!" to change direction of the pivot at any time to keep the players alert and involved in the drill.
Drill submitted by: Eddie Mendel
Sub categories: Pivoting, Dribbling, Communication

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