Animated basketball drills
Playname: Machine gun
Machine Gun (or the nose breaker).

6+ players.
2 balls.

This drill incorporates good hand eye coordination, quickness, passing fundamentals, and the defensive slide.

Players line up at shoulders width along the baseline.  The first person sets up approx. 10' opposite the line.

The first player, (No. 8 in drawing), chest passes to 9. 9 passes to 6, while 7 is passing to 9. 9 passes to 5, while 6 passes to 9, etc.
Coaching points:

1. Be ready (why it's sometimes called the nose breaker).
2. Good defensive slide.  Stay low, do not cross over legs.
3. Not hard passes, just good touch passes to the chest.

Speed comes with repetition.
9 passes to 8.
8 dribbles up to start his slide passes.
9 takes the place of 1.
All other players move 1 step to the right.
Drill submitted by: Mike Biskup
Sub categories: Conditioning, Reaction speed

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