Animated basketball drills
Playname: 2 on 2 box-out and outlet
Coach shoots the ball; defensive players make contact, box out, rebound and outlet.

Boxing out technique for defense.

• yell "SHOT!"

• make contact with your offensive player - defensive forearm to offensive players opposite shoulder

• reverse pivot and make contact again with your butt.

• go get the ball!
Offensive players pressure the outlet pass.
Guard 3 calls "OUTLET!" when rebound is secure.  Opposite guard 4 starts moving toward the centre of the court.
Rebounder makes a good outlet pass to 3 at the wing.  Secondary outlet is to 4 at the top of the key.

Guard 3 now has three options:
1) pass to 4 coming across the middle
2) take it on the dribble
3) pass to 4 at the half-court corner.

1 sprints length of court for pass from either 3 or 4.
Drill submitted by: Curtis Perry
Sub categories: Boxing out, Fast break, Transition

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