Animated basketball drills
Playname: 10-10-10 part 2
After every one in the group has completed the first set of 10, we move to the second set of 10.

Here, the 2 and 3 step out on the wings.

2 will pass the ball to 1 who will simulate catching the ball in the low post to score.  

   *1 must make sure that they are above block when they catch in the low post.  4 and 5 can help here by communicating to 1.
1 will catch the ball in the low post having simulated sealing his/her man to the outside, and releasing to the goal.

1 will drop step hard and score.

5 will step in to rebound and pass back out to 2.
1 will now run the same from the left side.

Rotation is again clockwise.
Drill submitted by: Brett Burton
Sub categories: Big man drills, Offense 1 on 1, Fundamentals

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