Animated basketball drills
Playname: 3 man 2 ball spot shooting
3 Players
2 Balls

Player 1 starts the drill by dribbling to the spot marked by the coach.

From the spot player 1 takes a jump shot.
After completely finishing the shot (good follow through), player rebounds the ball.

The moment player 1 rebounds player 2 starts.

After player 1 rebounds the ball the ball is passed to player 3 and player 1 joins the row.
Work with 2 times and get a completion element to simulate pressure.
Place a passive defender in front of the shot spot. (This defender can also be a chair). Make sure players don't start shooting differently.
Work with alternating shooting spots.
Simulate the pick part of a pick & roll.

Make sure that the shooting spots are real shooting spots of your offense.
Differently but connected make sure that the shooting spots of your offense are your players high percentage spots.
Drill submitted by: Char & Paul
Sub category: Rebounding

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