Animated basketball drills
Playname: Shot and dribble
6 or more players every second player a ball.
4 pylons to run around.

Player 1 goes to the corner of the bucket to take his jumpshot.
Player 4 first dribbles a bit and gives a pass to player 1.
Player 1 must make sure when he catches the ball he is in tripple threat position. (shot, drive/dribble and pass).

Also he must make sure he makes a jump stop with both feet on the floor at the same time giving him pivot options with both feet.

Player 1 makes his shot and takes his rebound.

Player 4 continues to the opposite corner.
After player 1 catches his rebound he dribbles around the pylon and goes to the back of the row. Player 4 goes arounf the other pylon and behind player 3.


Run the drill the other way around.

Make a fake shot/pivot move and take the dribble hard to the basket.

With more players or with players in a better shape then my own you can move the pylons closer to the opposite basket.  

You can also use this as a warming up drill
Drill submitted by: Jes-Soft
Sub categories: Dribbling, Passing, Warming up

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