Animated basketball drills
Playname: Quick strike guards
You line your team up with bigs in the middle and guards/wings on the outside and 2 defenders in the middle circle. You have a coach with a ball in the key.

The coach will miss a shot and 5 will rebound the ball and outlet to the guard on his side.
The weak side guard is sprinting down the wing looking for the fast break pass.
They must stay wide and when they get the ball make a cut to the hoop don't round it out.

The defender can move once the wing player going for the fast break is even with them at half.

Here you may want to start with no defenders until they get the hang of it then add the defenders to make it game like. I would go for a certain amount of time and as you make it harder count the makes and misses set a target and if they don't make it ....
The rotation goes like this the big just rebounds and next big goes, the outlet goes to defense line, layup line goes to outlet line and defense goes to layup line. You can also have your players just rotate and not worry about who is where which makes them do everything.
Drill submitted by: Jeff Byrne
Sub categories: Fast break, Passing, Offense

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