Animated basketball drills
Playname: Tennessee shooting
5 Balls and 8 players are required for this drill.

Players marked 1, 4, 5, 6 & 7 have balls at the start of the drill.

We have a 3-man rush (1,2 & 3).
When the ball gets just over the halfcourt line the following cuts are made:

1: drives to the basketball for a lay-up.
2: flashes from to the low block (and receives pass from 5).
3: shoots across the elbow (and receives pass from 4).
On the return leg, 1 collects own rebound & the drill continues down the floor with 4 & 5 stepping up. 2 & 3 collect own rebounds then replace spots vacated by 4 & 5.

The drill continues in this fashion.

We always set targets for this drill and penalties apply.

We are looking for:
80 makes in 3 minutes (3/3 conversions) and usually do a line sprint for each shot we are short and a push up for each miss. Penalties are done as a group.
Drill submitted by: Matthew Dunstan
Sub categories: Shooting, Conditioning, Passing

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