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Playname: Pass lay-up rebound dribble
For this drill 6 or more players can be used.

I like this drill due to the amount of motion and the number of skills you can practice.

It starts with half of the players on the midline and half of the players at the sideline.

Player 1 passes the ball to player 4.Who passes the ball back to player 1.
Player 1 makes his lay-up while going straight for the board.

Player 4 takes a good rebound.
Player 4 starts his dribble to the other side of the court. (In this case with the left hand which is often the weak hand of players)

Player 1 goes to the row on the sideline.
Player 4 starts makes his left handed lay-up and takes his own rebound.

Player 2 and 5 start with the drill.
Player 4 takes his own rebound and passes the ball to 3 who will then start.

Change the passes from chest to overhead, bounce or (for the half court pass) baseball pass.

Instead of the lay-ups shots can be taken.

Put a pylon on the floor and let the players in the dribble make a cross-over or a (spin) reverse.

And as always it can be run the other way around.
Drill submitted by: Jes-Soft
Sub categories: Layups, Passing, Dribbling

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