Animated basketball drills
Warming up
Playname: Senate
6 or more players
1 to 3 balls

Drill starts with players in positions marked.

Player (4) dribbles to basket for lay-up.
(4) takes the rebound, throws an outlet pass to (1) who skips pass across to (2).

Each passer follows the ball.
On (2) receiving ball, and NOT before, (5) makes a cut from the line.

(2) makes chest pass to (3) who puts little bounce push pass into the cutter for the lay-up.
Everyone follows his or her pass and you can see that as (3) passed to the cutter than he/she goes to the end of the cutters line.

This is quite a simplistic drill but gets better as you add balls to the line.

I have run this drill for 10 years and use 3 balls to keep everyone on their toes.

This drill teaches:
Passing - outlet, skip (overhead), chest and push.
Timing - the basis to any structured offense, the cutter does no leave until the strong side wing receives the ball.
Conditioning - watch them run.
Drill submitted by: Bob Robinson
Sub categories: Passing, Timing, Conditioning

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