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Playname: Star drill 2
5 and 6 start with balls, could have 7 and 8 start with balls as well, for our purposes only 5 and 6 will start with them.

5 and 6 will make a diagonal pass at the same time, 5 will bounce pass to 2 and 6 will chest pass to 1. Must be one bounce and one chest.

After they pass they will follow their pass.
As 1 and 2 catch their respective passes they hold the ball in their outside hand like on a serving platter.

5 and 6 following their passes pick up the ball from 1 and 2, and chest pass to 4 and 3 respectively in the corners.
As soon as the balls are taken from them 1 and 2 run to the corners near centre court.
After 5 and 6 make the pass to the corners. They shuffle across to the opposite elbows

At the same time 3 will pass to 1 and 4 will pass to 2 when they are in position.

Since you always follow your pass, 3 will start to go to 1's spot and 4 will start to go to 2's spot as soon as 1 and 2 catch.
5 and 6 upon catching the balls from 1 and 2 will hold the ball out for a hand off on the inside of the lane.

1 and 2 following their passes will run to the elbows to pick up the ball from 5 and 6.

3 and 4 have followed their passes and now trail behind 1 and 2.
1 and 2 will lay the balls off of the backboard for 3 and 4 , who have followed close behind to catch in the air and also lay off the board.
3 and 4 also lay off the board.

As 3 and 4 pass them, 5 and 6 will follow, and time the pass off the backboard, 5 and 6 will catch the ball in the air and finish an alley oop in the basket.
If the two balls go in then all the players clap twice, if only one ball goes in then only clap once, and so on.

1 and 2 will stay in the corners.

3 and 4 will take and outlet pass and go behind 7 and 8 in line.

The players who shot will go to the elbows.
If done smoothly and correctly, both lines should finish at the same time.

This drill works on, passing, timing, rebounding, finishing after a miss, cuts, following ones pass, etc.
Drill submitted by: Tim Hunter
Sub categories: Passing, Layups, Rebounding

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