Animated basketball plays
Defense 1-3-1
Playname: 1-3-1 zone shift
The wing defenders want to invite the pass over the top to the corner.

When this pass is made we want a double team between the wing player and the bottom player, in this case 2 and 5.

When this occurs, the middle player (4) wants to slide down and front the low post.

The top player (1) wants to slide down to the elbow.

The weak side wing (3) sags in and plays on split line.
If the ball is release from the double to the top then the top player (1) want to close out to middle side.
If the ball is skipped passed out of the double then the close-out rules are as follows

If a players receives the ball above the foul line the top player (1) closes out.
If a player receives the ball is below the foul line then the wing player (3) closes out.
Play submitted by: Simon Pritchard
Sub category: Defense zone

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