Animated basketball plays
Defense trap
Playname: 3-2 full court zone trap
This is a 3-2 zone press, great for setting good traps and quick points.

The defensive players playing up high are very fast and great defenders the ball side player 4 is usually our safety and the 5 is a good pass stealer.
The ball is inbounded to the left side 1 and 2 will trap 3 will play the middle and 5 will come over also for more pressure in case the ball handler gets around 2 or for a steal on a pass.

4 plays safety making sure no one gets behind him.
if the ball is reversed.

3 and 1 will trap.
2 and 5 will come to the right side
If the ball handler goes up the sideline past 3.
5 will come up and trap at the corner.

At the same time the other 2 will be coming back looking for a steal on an up the court pass or another trap on the other side.
Play submitted by: Drew Allen
Sub categories: Defense, Defense zone

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