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Defense zone
Playname: 1-2-2 half court zone
This is the 1-2-2 pressure zone.

The 1 is to meet the ball at half court to begin putting pressure on the ball..

The 2 & 3 are stationed at the elbow to prevent any penetration..

The 4 & 5 are at the box for interior defense and rebounds.
1 passes the ball to the 3. The defense should shift according to the ball.

So the 3 on defense would play man and the 1 would take his place on the elbow.
1 comes down to the elbow and the 3 is in man on the ball.
Let's say the 3 passes back to the 1 and goes to the corner followed by the one dribbling to the wing.

The 3 would follow and play the passing lane. The 1 would play a man on the ball. The 2 would move to the middle of the foul line. The 5 would front the post. The 4 would cheat over for help if needed and be in position for rebounding.

The 2 & 4 should be mindful of where there man is in case they try to cut down in the middle.

Nothing for them to do.
Let's say the 1 dribble back to the top & the 3 move up on the wing.

We're back in our original setup of the zone.
If they send a high post player the 2 & 3 close in on this player if the ball is at the top of the key.
If the 2 drop to the baseline.

The rotation is the 2 drop to the passing lane and the 3 front the high post.

The 4 can cheat up a little to the middle for no penetrating access.

The key to this defense is that there's always someone putting pressure on the ball.
Play submitted by: Eric Reid

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