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Defense zone
Playname: 45 zone defense
#45 Zone Defense

Also known as the 1-2-2 defense.

Goal is to keep pressure on the player that is handling the ball.
Ball at the top:
D1: Puts pressure on the ball handler.
D2 - D5: Stay in a box.

When O1 passes to O2:
D2: Closes out on O2 and puts pressure on the ball, trying to force the ball to the corner.
D1: Falls back to the free-throw line, strong side.
D3: A bit to down/middle.
D4: Goes to the corner.
D5: Under the basket.
When O2 passes to O4:
D4: Puts pressure on the ball handler.
D2: Plays either denial or opens up depending on your defense Philosophy and the offensive skills of O4.
D1, D3 and D5: More or less stay in the same position keeping an eye on both the ball and the offense on the weak side.

It is also possible to trap O4, but that is not explained today.
When the ball is passed back to the top:
The defense moves to its previous position.
When the ball is passed to the high post:
D1: Collapses on the ball.
D5: The weak side end line defender puts pressure at back of O5.
D2 and D3: Fall back.
D4: Goes almost under the basket.

D3 and D4 should have an extra eye on cutting players off the weak side.
Play submitted by: Remert Jutten
Sub categories: Pressure, Defense

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