Animated basketball plays
Offense 1-3-1
Playname: 1-3-1 weave play
For this offense to work you need a big man that can shoot and has the skills to pass the ball to the cutters.

1 dribbles to the strong side.

5 sets a screen for 4 who takes the guard position.

After screening 5 will open up for a possible pass.

3 and 2 move to the corner.
4 receives the ball and looks for 5 who is moving with the ball.
1 sets a screen for 3.

4 dribbles towards 3 and gives a handoff, starting the dribble weave part of the offense.
3 dribbles towards 2 and gives a handoff (part of the dribble weave) while 5 goes to the top of the bucket.
From here you can either restart/reset the offense or play pick and roll between 5 and 2.
Play submitted by: Johannis Winar
Sub categories: Offense man, Weave

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