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Offense 1-3-1
Playname: 32 offense
When 1 crosses the half court line all other players move to their positions.

1 must fake 2-3 dribbles to the left then crossover to right to create an open passing lane to bounce pass to 4 at high post.

4 must put her hand out and body between her defender and the dribbler for a good target.

If 4's defender starts cheating to the front of 4 at high post, dribbler passes over defender to outstretched arm of 4 to the basket for a layup.

Player 5 must move out to three point line when Player 1 crosses half court to clear out room for backdoor cut.
Players 2&3 MUST wait until 4 receives the ball to break for basket.

After a few times 2&3 can switch sides. This puts there defenders in a new defensive position.

Also, after cutting backdoor directly to the basket a few times 2&3 should alternate faking a pick for 1 and/or taking 1 step toward Player 1 and then cutting backdoor to get there defender leaning away from the basket.
Player 4 usually bounce passes to Player 2 or 3. This pass is much harder to pick off.

Player 5 must move up the 3 point line so her defender must follow her and not allow the defender to play a zone defense down low.
Pass from Player 4 to Player 2 or 3.

If Player 2 or 3 are not open Player 4 can either fake and drive to the basket, pass to player 1 if open for shot, or wait for player 5 to come around and hand the ball off to her to drive or shoot.
Play submitted by: Todd Wegner
Sub categories: Offense, Offense man

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