Animated basketball plays
Offense 1-3-1
Playname: Strong side screen away 2
1 passes the ball to 2 after which he sets a screen for 3.

3 will make a fake in preparation for the screen.
2 passes to 5 and waits a second for the ball back,

Depending on how the defense reacts 5 can pass the ball back to 2.
3 uses the screen of 1.

4 steps out and sets together with 2 a double screen for 3.

5 should look for his own changes.

1 rolls to the basket after setting the screen for 3, giving 5 an extra passing option.
Using the double screen of 2 and 4.
3 comes free behind the 3-point arc to receive the ball from 5.

4 stays high and 1 is joined by 1.

2 steps out.
Instead of 3 taking the shot.

2 uses the double screen of 1 and 4 and gets the for the more spectecular alley hoop.
5 and 4 go for the rebound.

1 goes to the outside for a shot when the ball is passed out again.

(Also defensive balance)
Play submitted by: Earl Swigert

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