Animated basketball plays
Offense 1-4
Playname: 1-4 double wing pick & roll

1-4 set across free-throw line extended.

The play starts with 2 passing the ball out to 3 on the right wing and cutting through the lane.

2 looks for the ball, then clears to the strong side corner.
If the pass to 2 is not available, 5 will set a ball screen for 3 on the wing.
3 uses the screen to dribble to the top of the circle
5 rolls and screens for 2 who flashes to the wing and receives the pass from 3.
2 looks to shoot the 3-pointer.

5 establishes post position. 3 cuts through the lane, then clears to the weak side corner.

3 and 5 look for the ball if 2 doesn't have the open shot.
If the pass to 3 or 5 is not available, 2 will dribble to the top of the circle.
1 steps out and receives the ball from 2 to reverse the play and initiate the second pick and roll on the opposite wing, with 4 setting the ball screen.

5 back screens for 2.
1 uses the ball screen by 4 to dribble to the top of the circle.

Once again, the ball screener will roll and screen for the man in the corner who flashes to the wing.

2 uses the back screen by 5 to flare to the open area on the weak side.
1 now has two passing options with 2 and 3.

4 establishes post position after setting the screen for 3.
If 3 gets the pass, he can either get the ball into the post to 4 or look to shoot the 3-pointer.

2 and 5 get in position for a rebound if 3 decides to take the shot.
Play submitted by: Oskar Zuchowski
Sub categories: Offense man, Offense

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