Animated basketball plays
Offense 1-4
Playname: 1-4 offense in-out
4 or 5 steps out and receives the ball from 1 who cuts to the free throw line.

All other players go down to the baseline.
First option, 1 and 5 set a double screen for 3 who cuts baseline.

If 3 is free 4 gives the pass.
No pass, 2 goes to the forward spot and receives the ball from 4.

3 takes 2's position in the corner.

1 steps out.
From here, side pick & roll between 2 and 4.

Next to a shot 2 also has 3 passing options.

See 1 sagging a bit and 5 making a quick move in the low post.

3 comes up for balance.
Play submitted by: Kostas Kalogeropoulos
Sub categories: Offense man, Offense, In out

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