Animated basketball plays
Offense 1-4
Playname: 1-4 v
4 and 5 begin at the elbow of the free throw line.

2 and 3 are across from them on the wing.

1 should start the ball in the middle of the court, being careful not to give away the scheme of the play.
1 chooses a side and 5 comes up to set a screen for 1.

3 fades lower to be an outlet for 1.

2 fades as well as the play could be reversed to the other side.
1 plays hi/low with 5 off the screen and roll.

4 pops out to the 3 point line across from 1.

3 and 2 fade back up to keep them continuously moving.
If the hi/low isn't there 1 passes to 4 while 5 continues to cut from block to block.  

When 5 cuts he should pivot with his chest facing the ball to be ready for the pass.  This also enables him to seal his man and set a "butt screen" on his man for good position.
4 looks to hit 5 for a layup.

The sequence of movements all happen together.

As seen in real time without sketch.
Play submitted by: Neal Colegate
Sub categories: Offense man, Offense

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