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Offense 1-4
Playname: Backdoor 2
Point Guard realizes that wings are being over played.  Once he calls out the name the two low post players come up to the blocks to make it a 1-4 set.  Point guard hits one of the open, "moving" post players.  

The 2 wing players are moving toward the point guard to fake the defenders into moving out to deny the ball.
The high post player will attempt to seal off their man and bounce pass the ball to the wing going toward the basket.

Option #2 for the high post is to take 1 dribble toward the other high post who has set a fade screen.  High post will throw a semi-lob to #1 for a shot.  The high post that set the screen will read the defense and determine how to play the shot.  

3 will slide on the perimeter to the corner looking for the open look.
Player 1 with the ball looks to shoot first or hit the post player 5 on a roll depending on how the defense plays the screen.

The 3rd option is that 4 and 5 set a down screen for 3 to pop out at the top of the key.  If 3 catches, he looks to shoot first or hit the open post.
Play submitted by: Paul Brewer

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