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Playname: Box offense stretch 4
Box offense stretch 4.

1 starts with a pass to 5.  5 should be able to protect the ball very well.

1 cuts pass 5 to set a screen on 2. 2 goes high to take a handoff from 5.

At the same time 3 and 4 go wide outside the 3 point area.
3 sets a screen for 4.

2 takes a handoff from 5

Defense of 3 and 4 will collapse a little towards the bucket.

1 goes outside the 3 point area.
2 turns and plays pick & roll with 5.
As the defender of 4 already moved a little to the bucket, he will help defending the pick & roll. (If not play the pick & roll option).

2 hits the free 4 with a pass and 4 shoots the 3-pointer.
Play submitted by: Pawel Ploo
Sub category: Offense man

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