Animated basketball plays
Offense diamond
Playname: Diamond play 1
Sepk Salonica 2009

Simple drive n' kick play

5 sets a screen for 2 and rolls towards the ball.
Either 2 or 5 receive the ball.

At the same time 4 sets a screen for 3, first cut and take the defender down then use the screen.
3 goes to the corner.

1 fills the position of 3 and 4 the place of 1.
2 dribbles towards the low post.

Defender 5 helps to stop the dribble.

Defender 4 falls back to help as well (help the helper).

2 has 2 passing options to 5 and 4 outside the 3-point area.
Due to defender 5 helping, offense 5 is free and can receive the ball.

5 goes either to the basket or passes to 3 for a 3-pointer.
Play submitted by: Kostas Kalogeropoulos
Sub categories: Offense man, Offense

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