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Playname: Gonzaga flex entry
"Gonzaga" Flex entry.

Start in "3-out" set with 5 and 4 in the wing spots.

Ball handler (1) drives hard to one side of the floor to initiate movement.
5 sets a down screen to release 2 for a wing entry pass, then flares out to the corner.

On the weak side, 4 screens down for 3 who executes a curl cut to the opposite side of the lane.

3 becomes a primary scoring option.
As soon as 3 has cleared the screen, 1 down screens for 4 to pop to the weak side elbow.

Immediately after screening, 1 "spins and pins" looking for a through-the-lane feed. If he doesn't get the ball, 1 flares out to weak side corner.

If 2 passes to 4 at the wing, the normal flex motion is initiated.
Play submitted by: Joe Terrasi

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