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Offense man
Playname: 1 (flash)
This is the basic set formation for the Four O Series.

When Player #1 calls the "1" play for this series, Player #5 man makes a flash cut to the free throw line and receives the pass from #1.

When #5 receives the pass from #1, Player #4 fakes out towards the extended free throw line and then makes a hard quick back-cut to the basket.  #4 looks for a pass from #5 for the lay-up.
Should #4 be covered and is unable to receive the pass from #5, player #4 continues with his cut and sets a back-screen for Player #3.

#3 cuts around the screen and looks for the pass from player #5 for a possible lay-up.  If #3 does not receive a pass, he continues with his cut to the weak-side extended free throw line.
If player #5 is unable to pass to #3 cutting to the basket, he should look to #4 for a possible pick-and-roll.

If #5 is unable to pass to #4, he then should kick the ball out to player #3.  Player #3 has the option to call play Two of the Four O offense.

NOTE: Player #5, at anytime, has the option to take the shot from the free-throw line, or make a move and drive to the basket as another option.
Play submitted by: Dan Gutierrez

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