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Playname: 2-1 m2m
Set offense against an overplaying man-to-man defense.  The rotation of this play easily resets the offense if nothing is open.

#1 dribbles to the center of the court.

#3 "V-cuts" through the paint to assume the opposite guard position.

#2 goes to the baseline around a pick set by #4, continues through the lane past a pick set by #5, and pops out to the opposite guard position.

#1 passes to #2 on the right once he clears the defenders.
#2 has the green light to shoot or take it to the hoop if a shot is open.

He can also hit #4 in the lane coming off of #5's pick.

#3 is also flashing to the foul line and #1 is rotating to the right.
Using #5, #4 gets free and can get the pass from #2.
In this case, the ball comes back out to #1.

#4 assumes the low post on the right, #5 the low post on the left.

#2 takes wing on right.

#3 takes wing on left.

The offense is now RESET (#2 & #3 on opposite sides).
Play submitted by: Northglade
Sub category: Overplaying

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