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Playname: 30 series play 33
This play off the 30 series (or curl series) is a wing pass option with a staggered screen by the point and a curl cut by the wing.

The play will be reset so that it can be run to the other side or another play in the series can be called.

The example will show the pass to (3).
(4) will move to the free-throw line, using a screen from (5), or any other method available.
(1) will pass to a wing, in this case (3).  This tells the offense to which wing the play is being run.
(5) must continue to ball side short corner after setting the screen.  (If the ball had been passed to (2), (5) would have stayed, since he is already ball side.)
After passing to the wing, (1) will set a screen for (2) and (4) will set a screen for (2).  
This gives (2) a staggered screen to use to cut to the basket.

(3) will hit (2) on the cut.
(2) can shoot, or if (5)'s man steps in, should have a pass to (5) for a layup.
(3) can also pass to (5) for a shot.
After setting the screen, (1) will reverse and use the screen of (4) to cut to the basket after (2).

(2), if he does not receive the pass will curl back to the wing.
If (1) receives the pass, he can shoot or look for a pass to (5).
(4) will move to the point after setting the second screen.
If (3) does not hit (1) on the cut, he will reverse the ball to (2) through (4).
(1), if he does not receive the pass, will reverse and set a back screen for (4) cutting to the basket.

(1) will then continue to the point.
(4), if he receives the pass, can shoot or pass to (5).  If he does not receive the pass, he will move to the weak side block.
If (4) is not open, he will set a cross screen for (5).
(2) will look for (5) on the block.  
(4) will clear to the other side.
If nothing is open, (2) will reverse the ball to (1).  
The play is ready to be run to the other side or another play in the 30 series may be called.
Play submitted by: Mark Bradley and Gary Schulte
Sub categories: Offense curl, Offense

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