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Playname: 3 double staggered
This is a play to allow one of your best shooters to get off a jump shot.

It starts off with the point guard yelling "3" and putting one of his fist in the air. Then the player from the opposite side of the fist is going to take the shot.

In this case, let's say he puts his right fist in the air.
The rotation starts as player 3 runs the baseline to the other side through a series of screens.

Player 5 sets the first screen as player 3 runs around. Players 2, 4 set a double screen.

Player 1 should be in position to pass to player 3.

Player 3 continues around the double screen and should be wide open for the jump shot.
As player 3 clears the double screen. Player 2 sets a screen for player 5 to pop to the middle.

Player 4 should turn and face the ball for post play.
Players 3 has three options:

• The wide open shot.
• The dump in the post to Player 4.
• The pass to the middle for Player 5 to take the short jumper.
Play submitted by: Eric Reid

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