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Playname: 3in2out (3low)
Basic 3out-2in set

3 Low motion is 3 players running a cross screen weave pattern along the baseline (no deeper than basket depth).  Corner will cut off inside post screen toward the opposite side of the court using either a backdoor or middle cut.  The entry pass may either be from the point (early) or the wing.  A wing entry pass is illustrated

1 dribbles hard to his left to get defense to shift.
2 drives defender off and V cuts back to receive pass from 1.
3 is pushed to the near corner.
4 clears to the opposite corner.
5 back screen's 3's defender (3X) as ball is passed to 2.
3 reads 5's screen and either back cuts or middle cuts.

If 5's defender switches, 5 should seal 3X and roll 1-2 steps toward the basket.

2 must read 3's cut and how the defenders play the screen.  If 3 setup and used the screen properly and the defense does not switch, 3 should be open for an easy shot.

If the defenders switch and 5 seals 3X, he should be open for short jumper or bank shot
Entry pass to 3 for an easy lay-up is shown.  Also, 1cuts back to top and 5 continues to corner.

After these moves, players are now in a 3Low 2High set.
Continuation of the pattern is shown.  3 back screen's 4X and 4 uses the screen to back cut or middle cut as the ball is retuned to 1.  

Again, all three players in this three-player pattern must read the defense and react accordingly.
The 3Low screening pattern can continue by 2's drive and V cut motion to return to the top and by 4 continuing to set a screen for 5 while the ball is returned to 2.
One option to break off the pattern is - 2 down screens on 3's defender rather than V cutting back to top and 5 sets a screen for 4 as he clears the lane.
After that the players move back to 3out 2in set.
Play submitted by: Brent Drews

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