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Offense man
Playname: 5-out offense
Players start in a standard 5-out formation.

1 passes to 3 and ball-side cuts to basket.
3 looks to pass to 1 on the cut.
As 1 crosses the free-throw line, 2 cross-cuts looking for the pass from 3 and the drive or jump shot.

If no pass available, 2 fills to the top.
4 begins to set-up his man so he can come off 1's screen.
1 continues out to screen 4's defender.
1 screens 4's man.

4 cuts across lane looking for pass from 3. If no pass comes he moves into post to see if he can get isolation play.

1 cuts back out to wing.
If no inside pass available, 3 reverses the ball to 2.

On ball reversal, 4 steps out and screens for 5 who cuts across the lane to the opposite post.

1 looks to pass to 5 on the cut.
If no pass available inside, 5 steps out to corner and 2 cuts ball side to start the offense again.
Play submitted by: Cliff Hinton

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