Animated basketball plays
Offense man
Playname: Czech 4
Coach Troy Culley
Torbay Tigers Basketball Club

Quick hitter from a 4 low set used by the Czech Republic U16 team.

• 1 starts to dribble to the middle of the floor.
• 4 flashes to the elbow and then turns to face rim.
• 2 cuts to the rim off 5s screen.
• 1 continues to the wing
• 2 clears and back screens 3
• 3 clears and screens for 5
• 4 continues to face baseline and 2 curls off to the 3 point line.
• 1 looks for 5 under the rim or 2 coming off the screen.
• 3 clears out to balance the floor in case of ball reversal to 2.
Play submitted by: Troy Culley
Sub categories: Quick hitter, 4 low set, Under 16

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